The international literary agency operates an attentive scouting on the European scene, according to an independent editorial line. Treats, evaluates and selects a large number of texts, with an average of over 500 per year. The headquarters is in Podenzano, in the province of Piacenza, about an hour’s journey from Milan, the capital of international publishing.

Informal representation

Our company  acts with an informal representation of authors of works worthy of publication, which will not necessarily be subject to contractual restrictions with the agency.

Formal representation

Some of the most interesting projects are proposed by our Paradigmi Literary Agency, which works with authors based on a percentage.



  • Selection of the best authors for the best publishers, not through opinions, but through technical evaluations that take into account a multiplicity of aspects, editorial, literary and narrative;
  • Representation and better visibility. For better visibility among publishers and better possibilities of placing their texts in a publishing industry where the number of manuscripts sent to publishers is enormous and where the main publishers, consequently, give priority to the most incisive proposals, ie those of more serious, reliable and famous literary agencies (or, in any case, they prefer the pre-selected proposals by important professionals who carry out a careful editorial scouting work);
  • Division of tasks and time savings. To divide the tasks in such a way that the writers write and the literary agent advises them, helps them prepare and revise the texts (editing) and perform the search for the best and most suitable publishers and media in Europe and abroad;
  • Editing. Editorial review to get not simple opinions on texts, but also a serious and detailed technical analysis and to present texts in much better conditions, more convincing for publishers; editing is particularly suitable for emerging and emerging authors who wish to professionalise themselves by refining their writing technique and style, making a series of experiences that they will need throughout their lives. A well done editing job generally allows to considerably increase the publication and success rates of a publishing project.
  • More protection;
  • Better promotion for authors and their texts, through selected promotional tools and ad hoc strategies. The promotion is aimed at publishers but also, with special campaigns and operations, directly to readers.
  • On average times are shorter in obtaining answers from publishers, compared to individual proposals;
  • Publication solutions, following the most appropriate channels for each type of text, starting from the large publishing groups, but without excluding alternative options offered by ebooks and self-publishing, but still followed professionally and, if possible, activating the most ambitious editorial plans.
  • Joint venture with common interest between author and literary agent and investment of the author of the literary agent, so that he undertakes a fruitful, serious, progressive literary career, where ambitious goals and realistic stages of strategic importance coexist.


  • Targeted technical evaluation. Evaluative editing that allows you to have targeted comments on parts of the text and more objective judgments, made with seriousness by selected professionals rather than based on simple opinions of friends and family, whose judgment is often made too subjective by emotional involvement with the author and by the not being assigned to jobs used to evaluating hundreds and hundreds of texts every year;
  • Professional approach and technical preparation. For an approach to the publishing world with an expert guide that advises them and helps them with a serious editing activity to create a better text, without ingenuity typical of newcomers, which could compromise the publication in a high quality catalog;
  • Four certainties starting from editing (discover them here).


  • Are you a emerging, emerging or already established author and are you looking for a serious and reliable literary agency and want to know how much it costs to participate in the selections?

If the preselection is passed, the evaluation is free, it costs nothing. To propose a text according to the best methods recommended by us, we suggest writers to read this page first.

If you pass the preselections, you can also have your project evaluated for free.

We can represent texts of all literary genres and non-gender texts. Here is a brief list of some of the most “important” genres and followed by today’s audience: crime fiction, thrillers, noir, crime fiction, pink and sentimental, historical novels, science fiction, sick-lit, memoir and true stories, horror, children’s books , urban fantasy, paranormal etc. We are also interested in hybridization between genders.

Strategic position of the publishing agency in the panorama

In choosing the best and most important European and foreign literary agencies, it is always advisable to also evaluate their geographical position.

International visibility

The websites of our literary agency, a series of networks, publishers and co-agents partners in European countries and abroad allow us to have better visibility on the international scene.

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