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Ours is a literary agency capable of offering highlevel ghostwriting services, also aimed at high quality publications, thanks to a staff of experts.

What is ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting can take on different meanings, forms and methods. In the first place, in the best cases it could be understood as a form of collective art, a bit like in musical groups, where there are musicians who play different instruments to obtain a polyphonic result, which is often richer and more interesting. Although maybe then in fact the group takes the name of the singer and the leader of the band.

By analogy with the model of collective music, a person can dictate the guidelines of the composition that others will then put on paper, modulating the narration each according to their own sensitivity, but taking into account the coherence of the work as a whole.

Ghostwriting services can be understood as special writing services on commission consisting in the drafting of a work from which a book can then be drawn which will be published with the name of the client who requested the service.

A ghostwriter is, of course, a professional who writes books for others on order and whose name in general remains more or less in the shadows or completely hidden, also because often by contract it must never be revealed. We are therefore talking about aghost writerorshadow writerwho writes texts for others (or, more simply, if you want, a paid writer or a commissioned writer from whom you can get a text written).

The profession of the ghostwriter is ancient, an exemplary case is that of the paid writers to whom the prolific and very famous novelist Alexandre Dumas, in the nineteenth century, commissioned thei writing of pages of his novels. Today his footsteps are followed by other novelists as famous as they are prolific, like James Patterson and Wilbur Smith, who, with the support of their editors, make use of teams of professional writers / writers who work on commission (to put on paper the plots designed by the authors or even to create them).

Leaning on a professional ghostwriter or, in any case, a paid writer and a solid editorial structure to get a book written to order has allowed us to create some of the most sensational editorial cases of recent years, such as Open, the biography of the famous tennis player Andre Agassi, which has become an extraordinary success of public and critics.

Below we will explain how to write a book on commission to professional writers / writers.

I have an idea for a book / novel to be commissioned from a writer. How to find a suitable ghostwriter for my project?

Every writer has his own specializations and finding the right ghostwriter to commission his book is not simple, if the client alone is doing this research. However, it becomes simple if you rely on a specialized agency like ours.

In summary we can offer:

  • the best ghostwriters selected among thousands of professionalshadow writers“, without excluding authors with important book publications and more or less famous writers and experts in the specific sector to which the work belongs. We find the most suitable ghostwriter to commission your project, based on criteria such as: writing style, male / female sensibility, age, experience, specialization (eg we have special ghostwriters in detective stories and thrillers, or in fantasy, science fiction, fantastic and other specialized romance novels, love stories, literary novels, biographies, true stories, manuals, surveys, technical, historical, scientific or other essays, we also have writers of great experience on multiple genres in our staff, as well as very versatile and therefore able to write complex novels where multiple literary genres merge).
  • teamwork: compared to individual ghostwriters and freelance writers, a ghostwriting agency like ours has great advantages: in particular, our clients will be able to use a selected staff that brings together the best professional writers and experts in the specific sector in which they will write the work. Each specialized employee will take care of certain details aiming to obtain the best possible result. For example, there will be proofreaders such as punctuation and spelling to eliminate typographical errors inevitably produced during the drafting phase. Other reviewers will check aspects such as narrative consistency and so on, to publish a high quality book.
  • the experience of one of the most solid and active literary agencies, with work on hundreds of publications, with a strong awareness of the mechanisms of the publishing market and the ability to write a publishing project from scratch, also in view of the possible publication of a book capable of attracting the interest of the best publishers and readers, always in collaboration with the client.
  • the possibility of writing, rewriting, finishing a novel / book with a conclusion in grand style and / or enlarging texts of various types and genres (for ethical reasons we exclude theses and university theses).
  • an excellent qualityprice ratio, with solutions, prices and costs commensurate with the customer’s resources. They range from lowcost ghostwriting, with prices among the best and most contained in the industry, to premium solutions with higherend prices and costs, for the purpose of achieving superlative results. Prices and costs may also vary depending on the source material supplied (for example, if multiple customer interviews are required, the costs may increase).

We offer ideal solutions for:

  • People with a story to tell (eg an autobiography or autobiographical stories) but who are unfamiliar with the techniques and tools of writing and / or narration; getting an autobiography or a biography written up is a solution chosen by many people who want to leave a strong and memorable trace of their lives to their relatives and posterity, but don’t know how.
  • Professional writers and aspiring authors with little time at their disposal or other forms of impediment, who need an editor for indepth revision, to have a detailed plot / lineup written, get an occasional rewrite, to search for new narrative ideas and / or a ghostwriter for writing / rewriting tracks or an entire novel on commission;
  • Companies that need high quality communication. To write a company book on commission, for example a text that tells a company story, aimed at increasing the prestige of a company, a brand or a product and to transmit its values and contents in an incisive and original way.

Do you want to know how much it costs to write a book, a novel, an essay?

Looking for a publisher? In addition: publication and promotion of books

Depending on the type of project, we can make an estimate on the publicability, in Europe and abroad, of a specific project, including through the literary agencies of our group of Quick Drafts. Any publication could take place via self-publishing platforms or through traditional publishers. In this case, if the author wanted it, we could also do an online promotion job.

You can be the director of your book from all over the world

Geographical distances are not a problem for us. It matters little if you are in Europe or abroad, in Shanghai or in Milan, in Moscow or in Rome, in Beijing or in Naples, in Tokyo or in Florence, in Palermo or Turin or even in Genoa. If you provide us with the right material in a sufficiently complete manner (canvases, plans of the work and any audio recordings), we will be able to keep in touch during the work by email, telephone and possibly Skype.

If necessary and if the specific case requires it, it is possible to arrange a meeting.

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